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Sourdough Courses Online

I’ve spent years teaching small groups of aspiring sourdough bakers how to make their own sourdough bread at home, and I have loved every minute of it. The look on my students’ faces when they pull out their very first successful loaf of sourdough bread is completely priceless to me. It’s my absolute favorite part of the courses I run and it’s what keeps me doing what I do!

But there are many of you out there who just can’t make it to my workshops due to time or location constraints. So I have launched my online course to help people who can’t attend my workshops.

What’s more, is that my course covers a lot more than my workshops do (for the same price), so you’re getting so much more value!

I’m able to do this because I don’t have to fit everything into one day. So you’re essentially getting access to my basic AND advanced workshop for the price of just my basic course!

You can check out all the details of my course here.