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For your reference, here’s a list of all the resources that have been mentioned in my Path to Sourdough Mastery Course, along with links of where to get a hold of them.

Refer to back to Module 2 to decide if any of these products are the right purchase for you or not:

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means I may get a small commission if you buy using any of these links at no extra cost to you. I never recommend anything that I myself don’t/wouldn’t use.

Challenger Bread Pan – Versatile enough to make batards, boules, and dinner rolls all in one vessel, giving great results. Here’s a link to buy directly from the inventor of the pan, Jim Challenger.

Lodge Dutch ovenThis Dutch oven (Amazon link) produces great results at a bargain price, and is perfect for making sourdough boules.

Loaf tins – These loaf tins clamped down with these stainless steel clips (Amazon link) are a frugal way to get similar results in your bread as a Dutch oven

Weighing Scales – These weighing scales (Amazon link) are perfect for bread bakers as it has a function to automatically calculate bakers percentages!

Bread Proofer – This bread proofer is a real game changer for making sourdough easily fit into a busy lifestyle. This family owned company usually has the best price, but you can also find it on Amazon here.

Weck Jars – This set of 6 jars (link to Amazon) are perfect for sourdough starter. The loose glass lid can be tightened just enough to allow air to release from the jar if needed when in the fridge.

Thermometer – If you don’t have a bread proofer, then having a thermometer for your dough, and a room thermometer is handy to help estimate your fermentation times (both Amazon links).

Proofing Baskets – These are the proofing baskets I use (bought from Amazon), to make free form batards, and boules.

Dough Scraper – A dough scraper helps with shaping, especially when working with wetter dough. This handy set from Amazon includes a bench knife too.

Sourdough Starter – Etsy is a great place to get some sourdough starter. Click here to select from a range of different sourdough starters, depending on what flour you like to use.

Lame – For scoring your loaves, you can either use a dough scoring knife, or a lame (both Amazon links).

Bread Knife – This bread knife along with it’s guard (links to Amazon) is an absolute bargain considering how effective it is at slicing through crusty bread.

Flour – Most of my flour is from Shipton Mill in the UK, but if you are elsewhere in the world, buy a bread flour that says ‘strong white’ or ‘bread flour’, to get good gluten development. You can also get freshly milled flour at Etsy, if you’d like to feed your sourdough starter with it.

Chopping Board – A wooden chopping board is best to protect your bread knife from becoming prematurely blunt. Both Amazon and Etsy have a wide range to choose from.

Cooling rack – Your bread needs air to circulate around it so that it doesn’t get an undesirable soggy crust. Cooling racks like these ones at Amazon are handy to have around.

Dough Whisk – I love my little dough whisk, as it makes the initial mixing phase fast and easier! Here’s a link to one on Amazon.

Silicone Spatulas – These spatulas (Amazon link) make for a less messy feeding time for sourdough starter, and is great for making sure the sides of the jar stay neat and tidy.

Large Mixing Bowls – Any large Mixing Bowl will do as long as it is not metal. Here’s a choice from Amazon if you are looking for a pair similar to mine.

Mockmill – This is my favorite mill of choice. Freshly milling flour makes bread more flavorful and nutritious. Buy direct from Mockmill to get 5% off any purchase when you use my link!

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