What To Do With Leftover Sourdough Bread

1. Refresh Stale Sourdough Bread to Bring it Back to Life

This is one of my favorite ways to revive old stale sourdough bread because it is so easy to do, and it makes your bread almost as good as fresh again!  This method of reviving stale bread works for both a whole loaf or a half eaten one, and is an excellent choice if you want to continue to enjoy your sourdough bread for a little longer, without having to worry about how to use it in other ways.

2. Turn Stale Sourdough Bread into Breadcrumbs and Freeze for Later Use

Stale sourdough bread is an ideal candidate for artisan style, flavorsome breadcrumbs, and they are super easy to make!  Make a batch using your hardened sourdough bread and freeze to use later in all sorts of ways (some easy ideas coming up later).

3. Dice or Tear up Dry Sourdough Bread into Pieces and Freeze for later use

This one is a ‘chuck in the freezer bag and forget about it’ kind of method. Simply dice or tear up the bread into chunks, and place in a freezer bag. Remember to label the bag so you don’t forget what’s in it!

4. Use Sourdough Breadcrumbs to Thicken Sauces

Remember those breadcrumbs you put in the freezer? You can add them to sauces as a thickener instead of cornflour. It will give your sauce an extra texture and flavor too. Simply add in to the sauce and stir.  Once the breadcrumbs have had a little time to soak in the liquids, it will start to thicken your sauce.

5. Add Sourdough Bread Pieces to Pie Fillings

Remember those pieces of bread you chucked in the freezer from tip #2? Next time you make a pie dish with a moist filling, add those pieces of bread to it for added texture (no need to defrost, just chuck them straight in!)  The bread will soak up the wonderful flavors of the pie filling while adding extra texture to the dish.

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