Ways to Make Sourdough Bread More (or Less) Sour

From what you do with your starter, to how you proof the shaped loaf before baking, there are all sorts of tricks bakers use to manipulate the flavor of the bread.

The trick to getting a more sour flavour is to find ways to naturally increase the amount of acetic acid in the bread.

Whole Grain Flour Makes Sourdough Bread More Sour

The flour you use in sourdough bread makes a big difference to how sour the bread becomes. Switching to whole grain flour will increase the sourness by a long stretch, even if you changed nothing else.

Ferment Sourdough for Longer to Increase Sourness

As the dough ferments, it eats up sugars and starches in the flour. This takes away the sweeter notes of the flour, giving an increase in sour flavor.

Keep the Hooch to Get a More Sour Loaf

Many bakers throw out the hooch that develops on top of sourdough starter. Mix it right back into the starter during feedings to give your bread an extra sour flavor.

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