3 Ways to Make Amazing Sourdough Bread Without a Dutch Oven

How can you make amazing sourdough bread without a Dutch oven?

Sourdough bread needs 2 main factors in place to reach optimum results when baking: 1. The ability to retain moisture/steam in an enclosed environment 2. The ability to retain high heat consistently

The Baking Stone and Bowl Method

This method keeps a nice high oven temperature due to the baking stone and all the steam is sealed into the closed environment under the bowl. It’s a very good alternative to a Dutch oven and works in a similar way.

The Over the Top Steam Method

This method involves going a little crazy with the steam generation. So much so, that your loaf has enough of it available to give a superb oven spring! It’s the one method that accommodates the largest amount of space.

The Gap Method

Place a baking stone on the center shelf and a roasting pan with lava rocks underneath it. When the oven is ready, place the loaf on the stone, and put a deep roasting dish upside down over the loaf but leave a gap over the edge to let steam in.

Learn All 3 Methods of Baking Sourdough Without a Dutch Oven

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