Best Grain Mill for Bread Flour: Full Buyers Guide

This guide will help you decide what sort of grain mill is best, depending on what you’re looking for.

Different Types of Home Grain Mills

There are 2 main types of milling that you will find in a home wheat grinding machine: - Impact grinder - Burr grinder

Home Grain Mills that Use Impact Mechanisms

These types of mills use a series of rotating metal fins that move very fast. When the wheat passes through them, the fast impact breaks up the wheat into smaller pieces.

Home Grain Mills that Use Burr Mechanisms

This type of milling is actually the original way wheat used to be ground into flour. Traditionally, the burrs were made out of stone, but in modern times, these burrs can be made from stone, cast iron or steel.

Which Type of Grain Mill is Best for Bread Flour?

The type of mill you choose to buy actually has an impact on the nutrition of the flour you get from it.

How Much Flour will you Need to Mill at a Time?

If you’re going to be needing to make huge amounts of flour, you should consider buying either a grain mill that is going to mill fast, or a mill that is going to carry a large amount of grain.

How Fine a Grind of Flour Will You Need?

If you want to have the option of a super fine flour, then a burr grinding mill is a good choice. An impact mill, although will get you fine flour, won’t produce flour that is super fine.

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