Challenger Bread Pan Review (Vs Lodge Dutch Oven): Worth Buying?

I’m sure many of you are curious about if it’s worth investing in this pan or not. The biggest question being, does it make better bread than a regular Dutch oven, and is it worth the investment?

How I Tested the Challenger Bread Pan

I made one single dough using my sourdough recipe, and split it in to two equal parts, then baked one in my regular Dutch oven, & one in the Challenger bread pan to see if the results were any different.

Results of the Challenger Breadware Pan vs Lodge 5qt Dutch Oven

The results are very similar, but the Challenger bread pan produced a slightly taller, more open crumb loaf.

Usability of Each Product

The Challenger bread pan weighs less than the Lodge, and has very strategically placed handles that make its usability far easier than the Lodge when it comes to bread baking.

Versatility of Each Product

The Challenger Bread pan is extremely versatile compared to the Lodge when it comes to the types of breads you are able to bake.

Durability of Each Product

Although the Lodge feels more heavy duty than the challenger bread pan, both vessels are highly durable solid cast iron pans that will last longer than a lifetime.

Is the Challenger Bread Pan Worth the Money?

All things considered, the Challenger Bread Pan is worth buying if you are you are after the best results and you bake bread regularly.

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