Choosing a Knife for Sourdough Bread:  Full Guide

Choosing a Knife for Sourdough Bread: Full Guide

I’ll admit; I used to use any old knife to slice my sourdough bread. And truthfully, I thought the mess I was making was purely down to my terrible slicing skills! I never knew that using the right knife was so important until I found an actual bread knife down the back of my kitchen drawer and tried it out. Wow. What a difference!

Why Use a Specific Type of Knife to Slice Sourdough Bread?

The challenge with cutting into sourdough bread is that although the crust can be quite thick and hard, the inside can be soft, airy and fluffy, giving a unique challenge to the knife it is cut with. It has to be able to slice through both hard and soft simultaneously without damaging either.

If you were to use a regular chef’s knife to slice your hard crusted sourdough bread (like I used to!), you’ll find at least some of these issues come up: 1. The interior crumb would get squashed and compressed, which would ruin the texture of the bread. 2. Slices would be uneven, or worse, won’t even resemble slices!

Using a Regular Chef’s Knife for Slicing Sourdough

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Choosing a Knife for Sourdough Bread: Full Guide