Essential Tools for Baking Great Sourdough Bread

I decided to put this list together for bakers who are looking to pick out all the right tools to give them a good start to their sourdough journey. I’ve included items that are going to help make the sourdough baking process easier, or give you an improved end result.

As always, I personally use and/or love every item that I have recommended here.

Storage Jars for Sourdough Starter

Having a specially designed sourdough starter jar will help you to understand and get to know your starter better.

Digital Kitchen Scale

Without having accurate measurements, every bread bake will be random, without the knowledge of how to improve, or how to replicate that awesome loaf you just made!

Dough Thermometer

A dough thermometer is one of those items that you can certainly live without at the beginning, but it is essential for someone who is trying to understanding their dough and improve their bake.

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