25 Gifts Every Bread Baker Wants!

Here’s a list of 25 super cool gifts that every bread baker wishes they were given!

#1: Bread Baking Vessel

Usually one of the first things on a bakers wish list once they get into baking artisan style bread. Every bread baker wishes they had one and it’s also the one item that takes their bread baking to new heights.

#2: Bread Slicing Knife

A good quality durable bread slicing knife makes a great gift that is long lasting and memorable.

#3: Bread Cutting Board

It’s always recommended to use a wooden chopping board to slice your bread on. It’s a way of protecting your bread knife from becoming blunt prematurely.

#4: A Fancy Bread Lame

Every baker wants a lame to score their bread professionally and with ease. And when you first start off, you usually end up just using a sharp knife or a razor blade.

#5: Bread Baking Books

No bread bakers shelf would be complete without some classic bread baking books. I’ve picked out a few staples that every bread baker wishes they had on their shelf.

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