4 Signs Your Sourdough has Finished Proofing

4 Signs Your Sourdough has Finished Proofing

When sourdough is left to rise, its characteristics change as it ferments. 1. The dough’s volume has increased 2. The dough is no longer dense 3. Large bubbles can be seen at the top of the dough or sides of the bowl

How Long Should you Proof Sourdough for?

When you first learn to bake sourdough, it is handy to use certain time guidelines to help understand how long to proof sourdough for, but you may find that your bread results are different every time.

As a very basic time frame, the very minimum that sourdough should ferment/proof for is 4 hours. 1. How much sourdough starter or leaven has been used in the dough 2. The temperature of the dough and its environment

Basic Time Guidelines for Proofing Sourdough

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