How To Make Sourdough Bread: For Beginners

Beginner Sourdough Bread

Essential Equipment for This Recipe 1. 2lb proofing basket/banneton 2. Digital kitchen weighing scales 3. 2 large mixing bowls

Non-Essential Equipment

The following equipment is not essential for baking this loaf, but is definitely useful and will give you better results: 1. Lame 2. Bread slicing knife

It’s very important in bread baking to use accurate measurements in weight, so a kitchen scale is essential.  Here are the quantities of each ingredient: 1. 450 grams of strong white bread flour 2. 300 grams of warm water 3. 150 grams of active sourdough Starter 4. 12 grams of sea salt*


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Beginner Sourdough Bread: Full Guide & Recipe