Best Grain Mill for Bread Flour

The milling/grinding process doesn’t raise the temperature of the flour by more than 112 F (45 C) to protect the integrity of the flour

There are options for a wide range of flour coarseness, including ultra fine flour which helps make a lighter loaf of bread



The best home grain milling machine for bread flour will have the following features:

Different Types of Home Grain Mills

There are 2 main types of milling that you will find in a home wheat grinding machine: 1. Impact grinder 2. Burr grinder This is important to know when deciding on your purchase, because the milling method can affect the flavors and textures of the flour it produces.

Home Grain Mills that Use Impact Mechanisms

These types of mills use a series of rotating metal fins that move very fast. Here’s a list of features that are unique to impact mill wheat grinders: 1. Always electric (manual versions are not available) 2. Tend to be much louder than burr grinders when in use 3. Can’t be used to grind oily or wet grains 4. Will grind from very coarse to a fine textured flour 5. Generally cost less than other home electric mills

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