Is Homemade Sourdough Bread Safe?

Sourdough has been traditionally shared with children and elderly alike, without restriction. And of course, for the majority of time, this would have been a sourdough bread that was made at home.

As long as the sourdough starter is healthy, then bacteria and yeast are completely safe to be used in bread.

How Do I Know the Sourdough Starter  is Healthy?

Making sure the sourdough starter is healthy is the secret to a good sourdough bread, but it is also important for safety. It is possible for the starter to go bad.

Sourdough Bread is  Mold Resistant

The diverse ecosystem of bacteria and yeast found in sourdough bread actually gives it mold resistant properties!

Sourdough Starter Has An Environment Resistant to Bad Bugs

Sourdough starter has a very acidic environment, mainly due to the lactic acid produced. This makes it extremely difficult for harmful bacteria to develop.

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