Is Sourdough and Soda Bread the Same Thing?

Soda bread is a type of quick bread or bread that doesn’t use any kind of yeast in it to help it rise. Sourdough bread is the complete opposite. It uses yeast to help it rise.

If soda bread has no yeast in it, how does it taste and feel like bread when eaten?

What is Soda Bread?

Soda bread is a type of quick bread that contains only four main ingredients. The reason it doesn’t need yeast is because it uses baking soda as its raising agent, which reacts with the lactic acid found in buttermilk to produce carbon dioxide bubbles.

Similarities Between Sourdough and Soda Bread

Soda and sourdough bread both contain lactic acid. Sourdough uses its naturally occurring yeast which has lactic acid in it, while soda bread uses buttermilk.

Differences Between Sourdough and Soda Bread

Soda bread and other quick breads tend to use softer wheat varieties like pastry flour, or all purpose flour, as the gluten in the flour is less important for the rise of the bread.

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