Mockmill vs Komo: Which Grain Mill is Better?

Two of the most popular home grain milling machines today are the Komo and the Mockmill. They’re both robustly built grain mills that have similar milling mechanisms inside.

The Differences Between Komo & Mockmill Grain Mills

The Mockmill can generally boast a larger capacity, compared to the Komo and the particular mill that I have (the Mockmill 200 Lino) mills at a faster rate.

Komo vs Mockmill: Testing Both Machines

I tested out each of the grain milling machines for the following: - Speed of Milling - How fine/coarse the flour produced - How evenly it milled - Ease of use

An Initial Look at Both Machines

Both the Komo AND the Mockmill have very similar mechanisms inside, and they are both very robustly built. In terms of quality and durability, I would say they are equal in this regard.

The Range of Grinding Capability for Both Machines

Although the Mockmill produces fine enough flour to produce a great bread, it didn’t go quite as fine as the Komo did.

Which Grain Mill is Best? The Komo or the Mockmill?urability of Each Product

Both machines are excellent machines and I think anybody purchasing either of them would be more than happy with their purchase.

Is the Challenger Bread Pan Worth the Money?

So if you’re priority is getting the best value for money, then the Mockmill would be the machine of choice, but if you’re after a super fine, super smooth flour, the Komo would be first choice.

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