How To Get Sourdough Bread With a Soft Crust

One common problem that many sourdough home bakers have is that their bread crusts are too hard. If the inside of your bread is coming out with perfect texture and flavor, but your crust is too hard, there are a couple of ways to fix this.

After several comparisons, experiments, and lots of trial and error I came up with a solution that works for me almost every time.

Factors Affecting the Crust on Sourdough Bread

There are a couple of things that will determine the result of your crust. One such factor is how thick or thin your crust is.

Fermentation Time and Crust Type

Sourdough Bread is fermented for a very long time compared to its commercially yeasted counterpart. And this makes sourdough bread have a very distinct character in its crust.

How Steam Affects Crust Formation

The longer you can make the crust formation time, the longer the bread has to continue to rise, and the less time the crust has to harden and thicken once it has formed.

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