How To Make Sourdough Fish Batter with Sourdough Discard

What Makes Sourdough Fish Batter Different?

Nothing beats traditional British fish and chips…….except for a sourdough version of traditional British fish and chips! What better way to relieve the guilt of eating deep fried battered fish than to make a healthier sourdough version!

How Do I Tell If My Batter Consistency is Right?

As with all sourdough discard recipes, you may have to tweak how thick or thin you need to make the consistency, as it depends on how you like to keep your starter.  For this particular recipe, you need a fairly thick batter to coat the fish evenly. So add flour or water accordingly, until the consistency is like thick pancake batter.

Ingredients To Make Sourdough Fish Batter

Sourdough Starter Turmeric Paprika Salt & Pepper Baking powder White fish Cooking Oil

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