Want to Convert your Recipe to Sourdough? Here’s How!

When I turned to a life free of highly processed foods, it included cutting out commercial yeast and sticking to all natural sourdough bread only.

How do you convert a yeast based recipe to sourdough? The basic premise is:

100 grams of sourdough starter is approximately equal to 5 to 7 grams of instant/dried yeast (or one sachet).

Why Convert A Recipe to Sourdough?

Sourdough Helps Make Recipes More Digestible and Nutritious

Adding Sourdough to a Recipe Brings About More Complex Flavors

How to Convert Any Recipe to Sourdough

For these conversions, we are going to assume that the reason for conversion is to get the entire benefit of sourdough and not just the flavor.

Converting Yeast Based Bread Recipes to Sourdough

Bread recipes that require yeast can be converted quite easily once you understand the basic rules for making the switch.

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