Sourdough Conversion

Why convert your recipe to sourdough? There are a few reasons. It makes recipes more digestible. It also brings out more complex flavors. It can also bring about a fun challenge to your baking! Tap below for more benefits and reasons!

Learn how to convert a yeast-based recipe to sourdough.

Converting Yeast-Based Recipes to Sourdough

It is easy to convert yeast-required recipes once you understand the basic rules for making the change. Find out what those rules are below!

Is it Possible to Convert Recipes That Do Not Contain Yeast?

It's possible to convert other recipes to sourdough. Check out common types of bread that can be converted by tapping below!

Can I Add Sourdough Starter in Addition to Yeast?

Adding yeast to a sourdough starter is not a traditional sourdough recipe. The yeast prevents proper fermentation in the dough. Tap below for more!

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