Which Flour to Use for Sourdough Bread: A Complete Guide

Learning about different flours and their properties is very useful. This knowledge will help the sourdough baker really stretch their baking skills and produce a variety of different types of bread.

When it comes to sourdough bread, we are counting on natural organic wild caught yeasts.

It is logical to choose organic flour whenever possible to bake sourdough bread, as it is natural and chemical free.

What Happens if I use non-organic flour to bake sourdough bread?

The theory is, that using organic flour contains a slightly different profile of mineral content, and doesn’t contain the added chemicals in it.

The truth is, a strong, mature sourdough starter will still bake good bread even if using a non-organic flour.

Using whole wheat flour compared to white flour, in whichever variety of wheat you use, will have a huge impact to the flavor and texture of the bread.

The more wholemeal you have in your sourdough, the more dense it will be, but the more flavor it will also have.

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