6 Reasons Rye is Popular in Sourdough & What to Know Before Using it

Why is Rye Flour so popular in sourdough bread?

The process of traditional sourdough fermentation helps bring out the best of the unique properties in rye flour, that breads using baker’s yeast can’t.

#1. Rye Speeds Up Sourdough Fermentation

Rye flour has an especially high level of activity in sourdough bread when compared to other flours.

#2. Rye Adds a Very Unique Flavor Profile

Rye offers an extremely complex flavor profile, and bodes particularly well to long and slow sourdough fermentation.

#3. Using Sourdough to Ferment Rye Makes it Less Dense

If you’ve ever eaten a 100% rye bread, you’ll have definitely noticed that it is dense, dense, dense!

#4. Rye Helps Keep Sourdough Softer for Longer

Sourdough bread tends to have a slightly drier texture than yeasted breads, but rye helps to bring back some of that moistness.

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