Best Way to Freeze Sourdough Bread to Lock in Taste & Texture

So, what is the best way to freeze sourdough bread to lock in taste and texture?

The best method, that doesn’t compromise on texture and flavor in any way is to slice it up, flash freeze it, and bag it up in freezer safe bags with the air taken out.

Here’s a really quick step-by-step how-to, with further explanation 

1. Let your Sourdough Bread Cool Completely Before Slicing it.

2. Slice Entire Loaf of Sourdough Bread - Once your bread is completely cooled, you will want to slice the whole thing. 

3. Lay all the Bread Slices Flat onto a Tray  - I use an ice cube tray from my freezer, but you can use any tray that will fit on a shelf in your freezer.

4. Flash Freeze the Bread Slices - Put your tray into the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes. This is called flash freezing.

5. Store your Bread in a Resealable Freezer Bag - Now that the sourdough bread is partially frozen, you can stack them together in a resealable freezer safe bag, and they won’t stick together.

6. Take out Bread Slices As and When Needed and Put Straight into the Toaster. - The slices can be taken out when needed, and put straight into the toaster from frozen.

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