Does Sourdough Contain Probiotics and is it Good for Your Gut?

Does Sourdough Contain Probiotics?

Sourdough bread technically does start off containing probiotics, as this is essentially what the starter is made out of. But once the bread is baked, the friendly bacteria die at such high temperatures in the oven, so the true factual answer is NO.

What do Probiotics Found in Sourdough do?

Cooked sourdough bread does not contain probiotics. But is it good for the gut? YES. And these benefits come from the very fact that probiotics were present in the first place.

What do Probiotics Found in Sourdough do?

Starter, as a rising agent in sourdough bread, contain a diverse range of wild bacteria and yeasts, otherwise known as ‘good’ or ‘friendly’ bacteria and yeast, that are healthy for your gut.

What’s the Best Sourdough Bread for Good Digestion?

Sourdough bread is far better for your digestion when compared to other breads that have been fermented with commercial yeast. But if you want to narrow it down even further, varieties of sourdough bread like ancient grains will be even easier to digest due to their grain structure. 

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