Is my Sourdough Starter the Right Consistency?

It’s very common to think that your sourdough starter is the wrong consistency, especially when you first start to use it for bread baking at home.

What Affects the Consistency of Sourdough Starter?

The biggest factor in determining how thick or runny your sourdough starter will be, is the type of flour you use.

Other Factors that Determine How Absorbant Flour will be in Sourdough Starter…

How it was milled – the finer the milling, the higher the surface area of the flour, so water will be absorbed much quicker.

How it is stored – a drier storage area will mean the flour will be drier and it will take longer to absorb water.

The Surrounding Environment of your Sourdough Starter will Affect How Quickly it Feeds

If you keep your starter in a warm area that is well aired, it will feed at a faster rate and require more regular feedings than in a colder environment.

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