Is Sourdough Bread Good for you?

Compared to other breads, sourdough breads are from among the healthiest breads that you can eat. The method of prolonged fermentation brings along with it many benefits, such as a lower Glycemic Index, lower calorie count, and increased nutritional value to name just a few.

It is made in a very different way to commercial bread, or even homemade conventional bread.

Lower Glycemic Index

Did you know that an average slice of whole grain sourdough can have a Glycemic Index of less than 49? Just to put this into perspective, anything lower than 50 is considered LOW GI

More Nutritious

The long fermentation process in sourdough bread breaks down the phytic acid in the dough.

Easier to Digest

Sourdough bread uses wild bacteria and yeasts naturally found in the flour and its surrounding environment to ferment the dough. They offer their magic during the fermentation stage by ‘pre-digesting’ the flour.

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