Is Sourdough Bread Low Carb? (Calories, Carbs, Fats & More)

Sourdough bread is known for being one the healthiest types of bread you can eat, but if you’re on a low carb diet, there are certain ‘healthy’ foods that are on the forbidden list.

Is sourdough bread considered a low carb food?

Sourdough bread contains less calories and carbohydrates than other breads like for like, because some of the starches and sugars are consumed during the fermentation period.

How Many Carbohydrates Does Sourdough Bread Contain?

Some sourdough breads will still be considered too high carb for someone restricting their carbohyrate intake to ketogenic levels.

How Many Carbohydrates can you have when on a Ketogenic Diet?

If you’re new to a low carb diet and are trying to get into ‘ketosis’, then it’s recommended that you stay under 50g of carbohydrates a day.

Calories and Fats in Sourdough Bread

Fats are naturally low in sourdough bread and will be pretty much the same as other breads. If you do want to increase your fat intake, have the bread with lashings of butter. Yum!

Other Nutritional Benefits of Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread has a Low Glycemic Index This is one of the biggest benefits of sourdough bread that other breads just can’t compare to

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