Is Sourdough Bread Vegan Friendly? 4 Things to Look Out For

For the most part, traditional sourdough bread is made with just 3 simple ingredients; flour, salt and water. So if the bread in question is the traditional simple sourdough bread, then it it is definitely vegan friendly.

An enriched sourdough bread, is one that has been ‘enriched’ with other ingredients in order to change the flavor and/or texture of the bread.

Even though the bread doesn’t contain any added ingredients, if it has been baked in a loaf tin, you should check what the loaf tin has been greased with.

Some Sourdough Breads are Sweetened with Non-Vegan Ingredients Different sweeteners can be used, but the most common non vegan one to look out for is honey.

Sourdough starter is maintained on the most part by using just flour and water, but some starters are artificially boosted with other ingredients such as pineapple juice, honey, milk or other ingredients.

If your vegan diet consists of whole plant based foods only, there are some additional factors to take into considration. White sourdough bread is NOT considered a whole food

One way to be super sure that your sourdough bread is 100% vegan and/or plant based, is to make it yourself at home.

Sourdough bread takes time to develop flavor, but most of the effort is all done by the bread itself, not you!

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