When to Use Sourdough Starter at its Peak

When is the best time to use your starter to get the best bread? The optimum time to use it will be when there are lots of bubbles at its surface and it has has physically risen to its peak level, just before deflating back down again.

The point at which you use your starter in a recipe has a direct impact on the result of the bread.

How To Tell If Sourdough Starter Is At It's Peak

Bubbles in the starter show that it's active. Sourdough starter rises and deflates in between feedings. How often it's fed can determine how active it is.

How Can I Be Sure My Sourdough Starter Is Ready To Use?

The float test is a way of checking if your sourdough starter is light and airy enough to make your bread rise.

Should Sourdough Starter Be Used At It's Peak?

Sourdough starter must be used when it is DEFINITELY ACTIVE. That is actually the only real prerequisite to making sure it will ferment your dough!

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