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About Us

Welcome to TrueSourdough, where we want to share our love for baking sourdough bread. We’re diving into the wonderful world of bread making and can’t wait to help you learn how to make sourdough bread in your own home.

What is this website?

TrueSourdough was originally created by Aysha Tai, whose health journey led her to traditional bread baking that grew into a passion for teaching others how to master the art of sourdough bread. The website is now run by TreasureHunter Media, a company started in 2011. Our hardworking team makes sure to follow her expertise and keep leading more people to a good and healthy way to bake sourdoughbread.

What is the TrueSourdough mission?

Our mission is to share helpful guides and tips for everyone at home to master the art of sourdough bread making. We believe that baking this delicious and nutritious bread should be accessible to all, and we’re here to demystify the process. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced baker, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to create your own perfect sourdough loaves. Join us on this delightful journey, and let’s discover the joys of homemade sourdough bread together.

Who is the TrueSourdough team?

Our dedicated team consists of talented writers and editors who work continually behind the scenes to provide you with high-quality articles.

  • Qualifications: SEO Manager and Editor with 15+ years of experience
  • Alumni of: Faculty of Economics Zagreb
  • Experience: SEO Manager, SEO Editor, Web Design
  • Alumni of: Reshetnev University of Technology and Science, Business Administration
  • Qualifications: eExperienced eCommerce aficionado with over 13 years of rocking the digital world! Passionate about all things EV vehicles, drones, and video blogging.
  • Proud papa to three awesome sons. Proven track record in driving massive sales growth, optimizing user experience, and mastering the art of digital marketing.
  • Alumni of: University of Augsburg
  • Experience: 2 years in Content Management

Why TrueSourdough?

As a Product Manager at TrueSourdough I have the opportunity to combine my passion for baking and my professional work. I can bring a valuable perspective as a Product Manager at TrueSourdough and support the team in developing innovative solutions that meet the needs of our readers.

What is our ambition?

Our ambition is to inspire and inform a broad readership to share our love for baking and spark a deep passion for the art of making sourdough bread at home.

How do we get paid?

Ads. You can find advertisements on most of our blog posts/pages. Our ad partner is Adthrive (now Raptive), which means that they find advertising partners that advertise on our site on our behalf.
Affiliate links. Some of our links are “affiliate links”, which means that if you decide to buy anything after clicking the link, we get a small commission. Note that this doesn’t affect the final product price. Instead, the retailer shares their profits with us, because we sent them traffic that they otherwise might not receive.
Sponsored posts. Some of our posts may be sponsored, which means that a company has paid us to publish a specific post that promotes their company/products. Our sponsored posts always have a clearly visible disclosure at the top, right under the title.
Sponsored products. Some manufacturers send us free products for us to review. This doesn’t affect our verdict in any way, because we always keep our reviews true and genuine, not affected by anyone.