About Me

I’m an avid sourdough baker with years of experience baking naturally leavened bread at home in a busy family household.

I discovered sourdough bread shortly after deciding to take my health more seriously with years of suffering from a whole host of food allergies and intolerances.

I cut out all processed foods and went back to basics, eating clean, real, wholesome foods.

It was shortly after this that my sourdough journey began….

I discovered the wonderful flavor of sourdough bread and noticed that my body didn’t react badly to it the way it did with commercial breads. In fact, I felt a whole lot better once I switched exclusively to sourdough bread.

But sometimes, store bought sourdough bread wasn’t truly sourdough. And I learned this the hard way whenever I ate it. The only way to be sure it was real sourdough bread was to make it myself at home.

This was when I learned to bake sourdough bread that tasted……meh.

But thankfully that didn’t stop me from continuing to improve and experiment.

Over the years, I learned many different techniques and methods, and after much trial and error, I eventually developed my own way of baking through integrating everything I had learned, that gave me great results every time.

My sourdough skills continued to improve and after many requests, I started teaching people how to bake their own sourdough bread.

Teaching others how to bake healthy, nutritious sourdough bread has become a real passion of mine, and I’ve put this website together to reach out to even more people.

I hope you find lots of useful information and I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

I plan to regularly add new posts as much as life allows me to, and would love to keep you updated!