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Baking Tools

After years of baking sourdough bread, and starting off using only what I had available at home, I’ve learned over time that the equipment you use can make a BIG difference to the result of your bread.

I’ve dedicated these pages to listing out what I consider to be the BEST tools and equipment out there for baking awesome sourdough bread at home. Everything listed here is tried and tested, and I ONLY recommend what I myself would personally use and believe improves my bread.

Click on a section you’re interested in learning about to read the pros and cons, and why I have chosen the item as one of my top picks for great sourdough baking. I’ve also included budget options, or make shift alternatives when appropriate for anyone wanting the item to be on their wish list but still want to improve their bake until they purchase!

(Some links on this site are part of affiliate programs, where the site owner is compensated for referring traffic and business to the companies)