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After running in person workshops for a number of years, I’m excited to announce that my brand new online sourdough baking course is now live!

Many of you have been patiently waiting for me to get the course completed, and I’ve been tirelessly working on making sure that you get exactly what you need from the course.

Let me finally introduce you to the much anticipated Path to Sourdough Mastery!

My signature video course is designed to give you the fastest, simplest route to mastering sourdough bread and start thinking like an expert bread baker.

You can learn more about the course, read what other students have to say, and enroll to get immediate access by clicking on the image below:

Your course is the best money I ever spent in the baking world!!!  After watching your videos I was able to bake a nice boule using my dutch oven.  This was my first success.” 

Thank you very much.  Keep up the good work.

T. H