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Sourdough Baking Workshop

Sourdough workshop
Workshop attendees enjoying learning how to properly handle the dough

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Gallery from Previous Workshop Attendees:

The aim of this workshop in NOT to teach one recipe, rather it is to gain an understanding of how sourdough works and learn a base recipe that can be adjusted to your own needs.

Take a look at what some of our previous students created once they had completed the course and started to experiment on their own!

Mili’s Pretty Sourdough Rye Loaf
Shakera’s Savory Sourdough Pancakes
Mariolina’s Sourdough Foccacia
Rye and White Sourdough Boule
Shakera’s White Sourdough Loaf
Fazila’s Wholemeal Sourdough Olive Loaf
Mariolina’s Tasty Sourdough Pizza

Robert’s Sourdough Boule

About The Course

This is a one-day course that will teach the home baker how to make artisan sourdough bread from scratch in an easy, simple way.

It’s a hands-on practical workshop that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to bake many different varieties of sourdough bread, including bread made of ancient grains, flavored loaves, and more.

Taught by myself, an experienced sourdough baker, you will learn:

  • How to include sourdough baking into a busy schedule
  • How to adjust your favourite recipes, to transform them into a more flavorful, healthier sourdough version
  • How to look after your sourdough starter and understand how to make sure it will give you great tasting bread with a good rise.
  • How to manipulate the bread to suit your own preferences in terms of flavor and nutrition.

You will come away from the course with the confidence to bake sourdough bread with your own unique twist to it!

There will be a taster session during the workshop, where you will get the chance to try out different types of bread to help give you an understanding of what types of bread you prefer, and to explore the possibilities of what you can produce yourself at home.

There will also of course be plenty of opportunity to ask me any questions, including 2 months of support after the workshop is completed. (I’m always happy to answer any questions and help solve any problems if you encounter any once you go back home and try it out for yourself)

I also love hearing back from people after the workshop is completed with their success stories! (see testimonials and gallery sections below).

The price of the workshop includes:

  • A loaf of artisan sourdough bread that you will have made and baked yourself.
  • A cotton bread bag to store your sourdough bread in at home.
  • A jar of mature sourdough starter to make your sourdough recipes at home forever.
  • Some excellent quality flour for you to continue feeding your starter with.
  • A comprehensive booklet with all course learnings and troubleshooting guides.
  • 2 months of online support upon completion of the workshop

Upcoming Workshop Details:

For updated information on current sourdough courses please click here.


Here’s what some of our previous attendees had to say about the workshop…

“Thanks again for such an insightful and fun class on Saturday, I really enjoyed it. It was definitely worth trekking up there from Croyden :-)” Mili T.

“Very nice workshop! I’ve learned so much and I’m so proud of my loaf. Can’t wait to take care of my starter and to try to bake my first loaf at home. It’s a relief also knowing that we can contact you in case ot trouble! Thanks.” Previous Workshop Attendee

“We don’t buy bread in our house anymore, we love the sourdough. We make 2 loaves a week but it’s not enough!” Haajra M.

“Excellent, well organised course with well thought out supporting material. It should be possible to make sourdough successfully at home after such good teaching!” Previous Workshop Attendee

“I don’t know if you can sense my excitement through this email but I am super thrilled!!! I baked my first loaf last weekend and I think it turned out pretty well…my husband is just thrilled and absolutely loves it!!” M. Tharakan

“Very good workshop. Extremely professional from beginning to end. Very impressed” Previous Workshop Attendee

“Keep up the amazing work – the workshop was so informative” Previous Workshop Attendee

“For someone who has never made bread before this course was very easy to understand and the teacher and assistant were very helpful. I will definitely be making more bread!” Previous Workshop Attendee

“Your booklet is a great help with all the info on feeding/resting the starter as well as troubleshooting and of course making bread! I have been referring to your booklet a lot and it’s always had the answers to my questions, the inforamtion I need as well as good reminders” Tayyaba K.

“General layout & practical aspect of workshop was great. I can walk away today with a very good understanding on what to do to make my own sourdough bread. Having the opportunity to taste different types was a great bonus!” Previous Workshop Attendee

Ratings From Previous Workshop Attendees:

We always ask our workshop attendees for anonymous feedback once they have completed the course, so that we can continue to improve. So far:

  • 100% of people who attended our workshop would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND US.
  • An average rating of 4.3 out of 5 was given to us when asked how confident they now felt making their own sourdough bread at home.

Online Courses

If you are interested in learning how to bake sourdough bread at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home, then my new sourdough online sourdough baking course has just been released! To learn more, click here.